Monday, October 31, 2011

Come Check out our new items on Etsy

This fall has been really great for me. A few fun weddings a great harvest out of my garden have got me on the right track creatively. I had an awesome crop of colored cotton which I am trying to include in my newest creations. I have made some super cute cotton boll boutonnieres! They are made of organic Sea Island brown cotton. It is a heirloom variety that was historically grown on the sea islands around South Carolina and Georgia. It ranges from a light beige to a rusty brown. They would be the perfect addition to any outdoor southern wedding. I have three styles currently and am planning to add to them soon. (I have green cotton that I am anxious to use ;) )
Since the days are getting shorter I made some gorgeous Firefly Lanterns to bring back the summer! These lanterns would be great hung on a tree, a balcony, or as the centerpiece of a table. I can also see them being used after the wedding along a porch or for a garden party. They are made with mason jars, moss, and string lights. Simple elegance...
Nothing says love more than a Palmetto Love Rose and my boutonnieres can include that love in your wedding. During the Civil War ladies would give these roses to their gentleman callers that were going off to war. The men were supposed to keep the rose with him always and return it to his love after the fighting was over. You can actually find some of these roses in the Confederate Museum in downtown Charleston... so durable is an understatement! They are perfect for table settings, wedding favors, bouquets, or as boutonnieres for YOUR gentleman caller!

Be sure to check them out at Charleston Charms on Etsy!