Monday, June 3, 2013

New Nautical Wedding Napkins!

My newest creations involve some really amazing vintage looking nautical stamps. I am so excited about these napkins. I think they turned out fun and elegant with just the right touch of preppy. Every Charlestonian knows that is the key to success ;) 

Personalized Anchor Napkins with Couple's initials 
These napkins feature a vintage looking anchor and rope in the center flanked by the couple's initials. These are the ultimate nautical napkins. Anchors are a symbol of stability and strength even in the worst storms. What could be a better symbol for a lasting marriage? The last name initial can be added below the anchor. If you wanted them for a baby shower or birthday a 3 initial monogram can be placed under the anchor instead. This napkin is shown in light burlap with black ink. 

Personalized Crab Napkins with Couple's Initials
These napkins feature a vintage drawing of a crab flanked with the couple's initials on either side. These would be wonderful for a lowcountry boil or a crab boil! Seafood lovers DELIGHT! 

Personalized Conch Shell Napkins with Couple's Initials
These would be a wonderful addition to any beach wedding. Weather your wedding is here or abroad these napkins can go anywhere. Featuring a conch shell flanked by the couple's initials on either side. 

I can personalize any of my designs. If you would like to add initials, names, or a wedding date I can work with you to make these napkins perfect for your event. Just email me at I typically answer immediately. You can checkout these or any of my designs at or

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